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Injury Assessment

Muscle and joint assessment - using a variety of testing methods to conclude what is happening beneath the surface. Using the assessment we can decide on the best course of action; whether this be being treated and rehabilitated by Poynter Injury Clinic or being referred elsewhere for more specialised advice.

Weight Trainer

Injury Rehabilitation

Using a variety of tools, such as massage, exercises,  sport specific drills, plyometrics and more. Poynter Injury Clinic work with you to get you back to the field of play better than when you left it. With one to one or group exercise sessions to make you get the most out of your rehabilitation programme, alongside your co- operation with home and gym exercises.

Sports massage on leg

Sports Massage

Whether injured, in discomfort from desk work, or in no pain at all. Sports massage can be a preventive or relief treatment. Working with your postural imbalances to create a body that's a timely working machine. Whether it's occupational activities, sporting activities, carrying children or shopping, sports massage can be beneficial through muscular relaxation.

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Injury risk reduction

We look at how you move and how strong you are and then create a rehabilitation and exercise programme to work on those areas that may need some work. By getting you stronger and more mobile, we can reduce the risk of some non contact injuries.


Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is the analysis of the way a person walks or runs. This can be used as a diagnostic tool if someone is experiencing pain whilst running or walking or to highlight an imbalance, weakness or restriction in a joint or muscle. Or it can be used to enhance performance by reducing inefficiency in the gait to increase an athletes performance. This is performed in our private rehab suite on a treadmill with video analysis.

Online Appointment

Online Appointments

Want face to face appointments without coming into the clinic?

Our new service allows a consultation and some assessment and screening via video call.

This is perfect if you are worried about the current Corona Virus situation or have a busy life and/or are too far away from us. 

You will book a video call appointment with us. We will take a history from you and ask you to carry out some movements or tasks to help us assess your injury or issue. We'll then provide home based rehabilitation for you to carry out. 


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