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COVID-19 Update

Last updated 20.01.2021

The UK entered lockdown at the beginning of January where non essential businesses were forced to close. We are able to stay open to provide essential health treatment appointments. 

An essential health treatment is classified as;
A treatment necessary to address pain or injury which has a significant impact on a person's ability to carry out their normal activities for daily living and may prevent that person attending a GP surgery or accident and emergency (A&E) department at a hospital.

If you are in pain or injured we can provide either online or face to face appointments. If you are concerned to whether you meet this criteria please get in touch to discuss further. 

At present we are not allowed to carry out sports massage appointments  due to the prolonged close contact required for these.

At Poynter Injury Clinic, we have implemented strategies to reduce the risk of COVID 19 spreading these include: 

  • Practitioners wearing PPE (Masks, gloves and aprons as minimum)

  • Minimum of 15mins between patients to allow airing of rooms and cleaning

  • Staggering of patients' appointments to ease crossovers between practitioners

  • Open windows to further allow ventilation and fresh air

  • Limiting close contact with patients by using the larger rehab space/treatment area where possible

  • Avoiding cash payments

  • Patients wearing face coverings 

  • An online COVID 19 pre appointment screening form and temperature taken on arrival

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