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Syreeta Walters

Sports Therapist

After 13 years of service in the Armed forces, Syreeta left the Army to take up a full-time university degree in Sport and Exercise Therapy. Sports and exercise were a big part of hermilitary career. Netball became her main passion playing at very competitive levels internationally. She ventured into other sports like skiing, snowboarding, boxing, X-country running, athletics and much more. Through this experience, my fascination with injuries and rehabilitation developed from seeing and facing injury first-hand.

Syreeta have been practising soft tissue massage for over 4-years to close family, friends, and military personnel.

She has recently received a first-class award for a bachelor’s science degree with honours in Sport and Exercise Therapy from Anglia Ruskin University in 2022. In addition, a BTEC Level 5 qualification in Soft Tissue Therapy from the Institute for Soft Tissue Therapists.

Syreeta has volunteered her services at the Reading Half Marathon, Cambridge Youth Netball Academy, London Pulse Netball Super league team, Anglia Ruskin University Sports Therapy Clinic and Margate Rise Up Residency. Her advice or treatment is not only focused on sports and exercise injuries and inclusive of people from non-sporting backgrounds.



Syreeta Walters
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